We’re Still Alive & Kicking

It’s been roughly seven months since the end of our Kickstarter campaign and Steve and I thought we should update you on our progress so far.  To the outsider it may appear that we’ve not been up to much, but that really isn’t the case at all.

EAW in Chicago

EAW merch in Chicago, IL

We’ve been looking quite hard for a suitable location that fits our budget (or lack thereof), is in a great location and doesn’t require a whole lot of renovation.  We thought we had two different places nailed down, both of which would suit us well in different ways.  Unfortunately, both of those places fell through.

So, we’re on the hunt for a new space somewhere in Erie County, preferable the city itself.  If you know anyone with a decent setup, let us know?  We’d be happy to chat with them.


Test Batch Update

Steve and I are brewing another version of our IPA on Saturday.  This beer has been received pretty well so far by our select tasting group, but the last batch’s efficiency was somewhat poor, so Saturday’s will improve that greatly after modifying our brewing process with our given equipment.  Our Pale Wheat Ale and Amber have been successes so far as well.


In other news, due to an unfortunate fishing accident, Steve’s beard was nearly shaved completely off. Don’t worry though, he’s on the mend and recovering well.

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